Content & Copywriting


After an audit of your existing content, you will receive a written plan that includes 4 evergreen content themes – each with 5 social media copy pieces for you to use whenever you want.

I will help you set-up the basic tools to manage your content going forward, so you are fully independent. You will have fresh ideas to draw from too. For the first round, I will even program the posts into your social channels for free.

Visuals, Design and Translation also available. 

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I will revise your website thoroughly to make sure the text makes sense, is grammatically correct and is enjoyable to read in both English and Spanish.

You might need suggestions for images and illustrations too. To really make your website come alive, I work with graphic designers, photographers, drones and cutting-edge 3D animation providers.

Many websites forget to include links with other pages, for mutual promotion. Besides using keywords, SEO can be enhanced with simple methods that I can show you. There is no sense writing if it doesn’t appear in searches!

Visuals, Design and Translation also available.

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I can handle your on-going writing needs in both English and Spanish for social media posts, newsletter articles or create an email campaign that people will interact with. 

Visuals are important too! Count on me to be a team player with your existing providers for video, drone, photography or 3D animation – or I can put you in touch with my network of excellent professionals. Let’s make your content fantastic and amplify your message!

Visuals, Design and Translation also available.

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Sales & Support



This 2 hour private meeting will be a working session to review your current database and analyse the depth of your current client and prospect communication. If you don’t have a database (or plan to implement one), don’t worry! This is what the time together is all about. 

We will install the proper tools according to the scale of your business, discuss ways to discover new pockets of potential customers, then I will provide you with a tailored attack plan. 

Instead of feeling shy and dreading the sales process, you will discover that having this as a starting point will motivate and energise you moving forward. 

2 Hour Consultation and Tool Installation.

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Are there not enough hours in your day to line up your next project? Are you needing to expand your database of potential clients? Do you need support and ideas for why your business is better than the competition? It is time to get ahead of the game and be proactive with your sales.

Whether you want to expand your client base with international English speaking prospects or Spanish speaking clients anywhere in the world, my professional demeanor will pave the way to qualify potential business for you. I will represent you and your company in the best light.


There is a 10 Hour Minimum following the Sales Cycle private session. 

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Bi-Lingual & Intercultural Marketing Projects


With 30 years of experience in marketing in a variety of sectors and countries, I would love to put what I know to work for you: B2B high tech, digital/traditional media, finance, hospitality, maritime, nutrition, and not-for-profit.

This rich professional background can now be leveraged for your own project for rapid quality results. 

You can count on me for:

  • ABM Account-Based Marketing
  • Nuture and Email Drip Campaigns
  • Social Media Copy, Scheduling and Programming
  • Blog/Newsletter Writing
  • Downloadable Guides & Brochures Text
  • Copywriting for Adverts
  • SEO Writing
  • Bi-Lingual Marketing Speak: Goal Oriented and Customer Friendly Text Editing
  • Email Copywriting
  • Product Descriptions
  • English/Spanish Bilingual Editing
  • English/Spanish Social Media Community Management
  • Media Planning
  • Custom Prospect/Strategic Alliance Database Creation
  • Cold-Calling
  • General Marketing & Sales Cycle Management
  • Offline & Hybrid Events 
  • Experience with Salesforce, Hubspot and various emailing platforms

Hourly prices depend on the scope and length of the project.

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Let´s Get Started!

This package includes:

  • 1 Hour Session
  • A Written Audit of Your Current Brand Status and Online Presence
  • List of To-Do Items For Future Reference 
  • Marketing Project Set-Up on a Workflow Platform
  • Hashtag, Tagging and Keyword Listing for SEO

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My Terms

After proposal acceptance, payment upfront. Non-refundable.

Large corporate client terms to be confirmed by the legal department writing.

All prices include VAT – If you are an autónomo in Spain, a retention of 15% is applicable. If you are a business registered outside of Spain, VAT can be deducted from the pricing. Contact me for more information.